Service Oriented Architectures.

Lego Blocks

The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concept for building, sharing and managing IT has been evolving for many years, and has finally matured into a technology platform of principles, methodologies and tools that enable us to conceive of IT systems as consisting of interoperable “Lego blocks” of functionality.

Plug and Play

The consequences for corporate IT in general and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in particular are enormous, because in its purest form SOA will enable true “plug and play” systems, selecting “best of breed” functionality from anywhere in the world and combine it to solve specific business process challenges.


Flexible Business Organizations

It will also ultimately entail the “death of software licensing” – in the future corporations will simply subscribe or lease the necessary functionality to support a given process and value network configuration as long as it is needed, evolving seamlessly over time as business models arise, adapt or die. SOA thus becomes a crucial technology enabler of Business Model Innovation, and Willoch Management Consulting has embedded this technology at the very core of our methodologies for creating flexible business organizations.