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CV, Björn-Erik Willoch

(born 1961)
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Experience (overview)


INDACHIN LTD (HongKong), Managing Partner – Europe
CORDIAL BUSINESS ADVISERS (Stockholm, Sweden), Advisory Partner
INTEGRATE (Oslo, Norway), Senior Advisor

Consulting, investment and “market agitation” around the next major business and technology revolution: Business Process Flexibility and Business Model Innovation, Service Oriented Architectures, Knowledge Management and the Componentization of Value Networks. Board and CxO level advisory in business and IT transformation, in particular with regards to “future-proofing” IT infrastructures and difficult systems integration programs in support of complext business transformation initiatives.

Investor and advisory roles in Private Equity (PEQ) initiatives with Indachin ( in collaboration with major US and Europe based PEQ funds.


CAPGEMINI, Vice President (Paris `03-`05, Zürich `05-`06 )
Managing Director of Global Consulting Services
Chairman of Global Knowledge Management
Group Account Executive – European Commission

Building a global, competitive and profitable 1 bn€ management consulting business from multiple legacy components (Capgemini, Ernst&Young, Gemini Consulting) and geographies (North America, Europe, AustralAsia), designed to create “downstream” technology and outsourcing opportunities for the firm.
Reengineering Capgemini`s Knowledge Management processes and establishing a global KM hub in Mumbai, India.
Orchestrating Capgemini`s groupwide efforts to build a commanding prescence as a supplier of consulting and technology services to the European Commission.


CAPGEMINI ERNST&YOUNG, Vice President (Stockholm)
CEO of Nordic Region

Leading the post-merger integration of Capgemini and E&Y, and navigating the combined organization through the industry downturn (5000 professionals, 600M€ sales). Restructuring (2000 redundancies), new strategy, structure and leadership across the board – profitable and growing again today, albeit cautiously.


ERNST&YOUNG, SWEDEN, Partner (Stockholm)
Managing Director of E&Y Consulting
Board member, E&Y Global Client Consulting BV

Growing E&Y Consulting Sweden into a 350 staff, 40M€ consulting business, with a strong foothold in the global consulting organization of E&Y. Maintaining responsibility for our largest client relationships. Negotiating and navigating the merger process with Capgemini on behalf of E&Y Consulting in all four Nordic countries while representing the Nordic shareholders on the global E&Y Consulting Board.


ERNST&YOUNG, SWEDEN, Partner (Stockholm)
Founding Partner, BPR Practice in Sweden
Global Client Executive, Ericsson

Building a consulting practice “on the back” of personal position as BPR thought-leader in the Nordic marketplace. Building a portfolio of client relationships as a backbone for growing the firm. Introducing E&Y Consulting Sweden to E&Y`s global consulting community by building and leading a global relationship with Ericsson (from 0 to 25 M€ global E&Y revenues in 18 months).


ENATOR GROUP (Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen)
Management Consultant (Oslo 88-90), Head of Sales (Copenhagen 90-91)
Director of Transport & Logistics Services Practice (Stockholm, 91-93)

Getting introduced to the IT consulting industry, realizing it was all about using technology to enable new ways of working, getting to know Michael Hammer and taking it from there (staking a career on Business Process Reengineering).


Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Left stiff Exxon hierarchy for entrepreneurial hightech outfit (10M€) – worked directly with chairman and majority owner to position the company`s proprietary monitoring software and quirky resident geniuses in the marketplace (subsequently sold to Telenor of Norway as core of its tracking & monitoring business).


ESSO AS (Oslo)
Systems Analyst
IT Planning Manager

Interest in Energy led to position with Exxon`s Norwegian subsidiary, IT department being the best place to get an overview. Exposed to Upstream-Midstream-Downstream oil issues and challenges, as well as the management/planning processes of a major multinational.



BEDRIFTSÖKONOMISK INSTITUTT (Norwegian School of Management, Oslo)

Diploma, International Business Management



BEDRIFTSÖKONOMISK INSTITUTT (Norwegian School of Management, Oslo)

Bachelors Degree, Business Administration



NORGES TEKNISKE HÖYSKOLE (Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim)

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering



  • Author of “Business Process Reengineering: A practical guide”, 1993 in Norwegian (translated to Swedish in 1994), which became the bestselling Scandinavian text on the topic and is still being used by a number of Universities as a textbook on BPR. The Swedish version was launched with a 3 hour seminar on Reengineering at the National Concert Hall in Stockholm (capacity 2000 seats). It was a full house.
  • Over 100 articles published in various Management and IT publications of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland on the practical application of BPR.
  • 1 week “BPR Clinic” developed and conducted (1993-1997) as part of the standard curriculum of the Norwegian and Swedish Institutes of IT Management, in both cases it was one of their longest running and best selling courses ever.
  • Hundreds of speeches to audiences across the Nordic region and northern Europe since 1992 (continuing, and more recently also speaking engagements in North America, India, Japan and China). Recognised by Dagens Industri (Sweden`s leading business daily) as one of the top 10 most popular public speakers in Sweden in 1998 (behind Jan Carlzon of SAS, Percy Barnevik of ABB and the coach of Sweden`s national hockey team). Worked with leading rhetoric experts and stand-up comedians to develop a 1 hour “comedy” routine to further propagate the Reengineering message to the “masses” – subsequently widely used as inspirational and motivational event for kickstarting and sustaining Reengineering initiatives with clients across the region.
  • Executive training programme for “Business Architects” (2007), using the power of modern technological architectures to create flexible business processes enabling business model innovation. A curriculum currently being delivered in the Nordics and Central Europe.


Fluent in Norwegian (native), Swedish, English, Spanish. Good Italian, German. Some French.
Grew up in Ecuador, South America, from age 6 to 17, where parents still serve as Lutheran missionaries. Attended Ecuadorian schools first 5 years, and then the American Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador through sophomore year in high school.
Avid basketball player: 10 years on Norwegian junior and senior national teams, semi-professional play during last high school years in Norway through University. Left premier league team during my 3. university year to become playing coach of a local division 2 team and create a sustainable basketball program for the local town. They advanced in 12 months, and are still in the premier league… 20 years later. Currently a tournament level tennis player in Switzerland.
Active in music (piano, brass bands, gospel choirs) in student years, still dabble at piano.
PADI scuba license – together with my wife, with whom I also have an 8 year old daughter. 3 daughters (19, 17, 12) from first marriage living in Oslo, Norway.

EXPERIENCE (detailed)

Building a global, competitive and profitable 1 bn€ management consulting business from multiple legacy components

  • Rolled out a standardised configuration of practices (CRM, Supply chain, Finance, HR and Strategy/Transformation) in all geographies. Appointed/recruited and coached global practice leaders, developed and rolled out global service offerings and professional development programs for each practice.
  • Worked with group CFO to establish standardized P&L adapted to the management consulting business model, aligning KPI`s and initiating global benchmarking to achieve transparency and “manageability” of the business. As of H2 2004 monthly forecasts and results reporting are available, accurate and actively used to manage the business in both locally and globally.
  • Set up a “MustWin” process to ensure transnational “swarming” of key opportunities (and improving prioritization to avoid wasted business development on unwinnable opportunities). Improved win-rate from below 30% to close to 50% global average in consulting.
  • Overhauled the legacy methodology portfolio to launch a single, standardized approach to process reengineering, with best practices and benchmarks available at each stage of methodology (using Mumbai-based knowledge center to capture project deliverables and link back re-usable components to the consulting methodology). Full rollout scheduled for Q1 2005, expected 5 point margin improvement is being embedded in 2005 budgets for consulting.
  • Aggressively courted analyst community (Gartner, IDC, Forrester, AMR, Kennedy) to secure and improve our rankings and visibility in the marketplace.
  • Established a “consulting school” at Capgemini`s corporate university, with curriculum tailored to support the strategies of each individual consulting practice, and launched a consulting induction program which we made mandatory for all new hires (1200 new professionals in 2004). Moved my office to the university (instead of group HQ) to maximize visibility to and interaction with our consulting professionals.
  • Aligned the business models of consulting and outsourcing to capture the rapidly growing market for transformational outsourcing of business processes. Capgemini signed three of the largest deals in the world in 2004 – all with heavy consulting support in both sales stage and initial transition/transformation (Inland Revenue UK, Texas Utilities TXU and Schneider in France – all multibillion € deals).
  • Developed a career and competency model for the “consulting professional of the future” together with Egon Zehnder to establish better criteria and mechanisms for leadership selection and development within the consulting business of the group.
  • Developed a “future state” blueprint for a fully globalised consulting entity, optimizing offshore (India, China) capabilities for knowledge, research and analytics, maximizing reuse of industry specific process and ERP templates and improving the outsourcing leverage of the group`s consulting capabilities.

Leading the post-merger integration of Capgemini and E&Y, and navigating the combined organization through the industry downturn

The Capgemini and E&Y combination in the Nordic region was a unit of 5000 staff, 600M€ revenues, more than 20 legal entities in 6 countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Russia) and 35 offices. 70% of the staff were legacy Capgemini acquisitions in the region, mainly in the IT bodyshopping and outsourcing space. It needed radical restructuring following the Y2K binge, complicated by the challenge of integrating “high end” management consulting (E&Y and Gemini) into a combined organization. Below is a selection of the many steps taken to structure the business for competitive performance – profitable, but smaller. The restructuring (2000 professional redundancies/spinoffs) was executed without incurring operational losses, and each year had positive cashflow.

  • Launched vision and strategy to make the new organization “act its size” as one of the 3 major players in the geography – and the only global one with a major local position.
  • Established simplified legal and operational structure (one Nordic holding company, 4 national organizations with identical operating structures), built new leadership team, closed 18 of 35 offices, exited non-performing eastern European theater to focus on the Nordic region. Spun off “pure” IT bodyshopping business to separate group entity (Sogeti) – a total of 800 staff.
  • Developed and launched two-tier leadership development program (first line leaders and leaders-of-leaders) to drive culture and behavior away from bodyshopping towards value-based client engagements, cross-border and cross-discipline teaming in sales and delivery.
  • Introduced consistent performance appraisal processes across the merged businesses and aligned KPIs and incentives to drive “group” behavior.

Growing E&Y Consulting Sweden unit into a 350 staff, 40M€ consulting business

My co-founding partner left the firm in 1998 and I picked up the Managing Director responsibility he had been shouldering (I had been head of Business and Practice Development). Most of our business processes were still designed for a consulting “boutique” of a few dozen people, so it was necessary to revamp our management team and practices to create a more robust structure for growth. The dotcom boom was also wreaking havoc on our attrition. Hence:

  • Created a new goverenance structure of Practices with P&L responsibilities.
  • Closed distracting and unprofitable local offices in 5 locations to focus totally around Stockholm and Gothenburg.
  • Recruited external financial and marketing directors.
  • Launched massive recruitment effort at top schools, and established alumni programs to maintain contact with the many dotcom “orphans” that were leaving us (many good ones got burned and came back).
  • Launched a “steal with pride” program – sending each partner to the US to grab the best concepts they could find from E&Y US`s very successful operation and launch them in Sweden

- Joined the Board of E&Y Global Client Consulting and worked with the colleagues to create transnational mechanisms for sales, delivery and revenue/cost distribution that could function in the ultra-fragmented world of country-based audit partnerships.

- Negotiated the terms of the acquisition of E&Y Consulting in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with Capgemini and the E&Y Auditors (our own colleagues were at least as tough as Capgemini!).

Building a consulting practice “on the back” of personal position as BPR thought-leader in the Nordic marketplace

  • Joined E&Y Sweden as one of two founding partners to build a consulting business (1995)
  • Expanded rapidly on the back of the pipeline of pilots, early rollouts, client contacts and market visibility achieved during the years of “BPR missionary effort” in the region.
  • Codified my book on BPR into a comprehensive methodology for large scale Reengineering efforts – subsequently licensing this methodology to clients with training programs and project assistance bundled into the deal. Great lock-in effect over extended time-periods with a number of clients who became “serially addicted” to BPR projects – perfect setting for a fast growing, but small consulting operation.
  • Personally led significant BPR engagements at Göteborgs Posten (leading newspaper), Trygg Hansa (life insurance), Länsförsäkringar (casualty insurance), FMV (armed forces procurement division), Skanska (general contractor in construction industry, Stora Enso (paper&pulp), Sandvik (steel))
  • Joined the E&Y Global Consulting Organisation as Swedish representative, taking global responsibility for developing the relationship worldwide with Ericsson (0 revenue at the time). Built it to a 25M€ annual revenue account in 18 months by embedding E&Y into program management of the global rollout of a new, standardized business model and ERP infrastructure. Thus acquiring entry points around the world to open other revenue streams (new product development processes, supply chain management issues, finance&accounting transformation work, HR harmonization, risk management).

Pioneering the concept of Business Process Reengineering in Scandinavia

  • Resigned from Enator to launch own “boutique” consultancy around BPR, working alone but in an extended ecosystem partnering with larger consultancies.
  • Wrote a book on BPR (Norwegian and Swedish versions) and numerous articles to create awareness in Scandinavia around the concept.
  • Consulted on BPR, as well as launching and facilitating pilot programs and subsequent rollouts in many industries: Consumer Products (Freia-Marabou, Abba, Procordia), Retail (Ikea, Coop), Steel (Sandvik), Automotive (Volvo, Saab), Pulp&Paper (Stora Enso, SCA), Financial Services (Trygg Hansa, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken), Telco (Telia, Telenor), Transportation (Bilspedition, ASG, Wallenius), Utilities (Sydkraft, Vattenfall), Oil (Statoil, Norsk Hydro).